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Donation project: help Balinese families in need!

As the world starts to shut down for an unknown period of time, people all around the world are losing jobs, businesses are taking hits and incomes are decreasing. As the Indonesian government declared a state of emergency last month, all foreign nationals have been banned from entering the country. As a lot of us know, the Balinese people rely heavily on the tourism industry. Without the tourists, hundreds of thousands of people are without an income. Basically, this translates to less food and less access to medical facilities or even worse, people are being forced to go out and find a way to provide for their families, fueling the transmission of COVID-19.

I want to help, so I decide to coach for Bali!

I offer you a coaching session live or online. You pay what you want. The money will be donated to Balinese families in need. I personally transfer the money to my dear friend Made Sutrawan, who will buy the food and hand it over. So no need to worry that your money will not reach it’s right destination.

For only €20 we can provide rice for a month to a family in need.

Not in need for a coaching session? We will be very grateful for your contribution!

You can donate via Paypal: or via the following bank details:

Bank: Triodos

Account number: NL59 TRIO 0390363545


Name: Rosa Winkel

Purpose: Sari’s donation

Book my session here

We were able to raise 10.000.000 IDR and help over 50 families with food and health supplies during the hunger pandemic in Bali. I want to thank everyone who donated. Our project does not stop here. There are still many people who need help. Do you want to help us feed more people?

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